Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Shirt Off His Back

My alma mater made national news yesterday!

Long story short: kid wore a t-shirt with a "patriotic" (a dubious claim) slogan and an image of a gun on it. The school asked him to turn the shirt inside out or remove it, he refused and got booted. Now the parents are suing the school claiming the administration violated the kid's freedom of expression.

As much as I believe in and champion freedom of speech and expression, the only school that was ever tolerant of students “expressing themselves” was the school on Fame!

After all the school shootings in this country, not to mention the Lancaster gunman who shot and killed 5 Amish school children, did this kid really think the school would look favorably on a t-shirt promoting gun violence?

He's going to lose this lawsuit and the shirt off his back. And when the school introduces uniforms, his classmates are going to kick his ass.

PMP: Penn Manor Pride!

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