Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sleater-Kinney Leave You Behind

Holy Shit! Sleater-Kinney are breaking up.
Holy double shit! There are still tickets left to their July 31st show at the Starlight Ballroom.
If you miss out on this one, don't come crying to me. And don't mug me for my ticket, either.
Adios, Sleater-Kinney!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Reign in Blood(y Knee Jerk)

All Slayer, All the Time!
Like triple 6's, here's my third consecutive post on Slayer.
Stop staring at the cover of the City Paper and read this week's Blistered in the Sun here (hint: it's about Slayer).
Now for the photos.

Also: Tweeter Center staff have festive new uniforms this summer.


Friday, June 16, 2006


Back from the Slayer show at the Tweeter Center, my first and possibly only stop there this summer. The Tweeter Center's been my home away from home these past 3 summers, but no longer. Tonight's Slayer show might be my first and last appearance at Camden's big house.

Also on the agenda of firsts and lasts is taking a camera to a metal show. Shit. I can't mix it up properly in the pit if I'm constantly worried about breaking the camera in my pocket. What was that Fight Club quote? The things you own end up owning you?

Got some excellent shots tonight, but also got a few clunkers like the one at the top of the page and the following.
This is a hat worn by the girl in front of me. For some reason, my camera switched from instant snapshot to a 5-second delay mode. I thought I was taking a picture of Children of Bodom, but instead I got this camouflaged chapeau. I feel a bit like the Greatest American Hero--I lost the instruction manual to this camera, and I have no idea how to use its power. Sometimes it's great (Lollapalooza 2005), other times the pictures are as shitty as my high school photo class snapshots (which I tended to solarize to compensate for my declining vision). Not sure why a digital camera is taking blurry pictures. Maybe the metal was just too fuckin' fast.

A review of this show will may appear as Blistered in the Sun in next Thursday's City Paper.

Speaking of the City Paper, I managed to escape the notice and ire of Philebrity this week when they named names of CP staffers with blogs. Probably because this fucking blog is updated once a decade and only read by my mom (Hi Mom). Nonetheless, Pat Rapa hit the nail on the head when he called Philebrity on the whole blogger complains about other blogs bullshit. I'm guilty of it. Coincidentally, I have a picture of myself sitting in the clog featured on the Philebrity post. I'm a tourist.



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Slayer Day!

Today is the National Day of Slayer!

I'm sure there were other metal bands that considered releasing an album today in an attempt to beef up their evil fan base (at least the ones quickly parted from their money), but Slayer went ahead and took the bull by the horns and declared a national holiday in their own honor. Any word on how the Prince of Darkness feels about being usurped?

Additional listening if you don't have any Slayer in your collection or if the 35-minute Reign in Blood gets worn out before its 48th playing at midnight.

Danzig: His whole solo catalog
Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast
White Zombie: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar
AC/DC: Highway to Hell
The Charlie Daniels Band: "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
The Rolling Stones: "Sympathy for the Devil"
Ice Cube: "Horny Lil' Devil" (not about Satan, per se, but Cube's new album drops today)
The Mountain Goats: "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" (for a little perspective on these bands and the kids who listen to them)

Avoid Stryper's To Hell With the Devil at all costs today.