Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Drunk 40: Fistful of Steel

Touchdown Steelhawks!
This game was over the moment the Seahawks loped onto the field to "Bittersweet Symphony". Worst entrance music ever. It's the musical equivalent of saying, "We're just happy to be here." For the sake of continuity, the song did inadvertently tie kick-off with the half-time "entertainment" ("Bittersweet Symphony" borrowed from the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time"; lawsuit filed). The choice of music is particularly shameful considering the game was played in Detroit Rock City. There are hundreds of hard rock anthems from the Motor City that would have better fit the bill. Don't tell me the Nuge doesn't like football.

As for the game, obviously the Steelers wanted the victory more: evident by the way Bill Cowher was cradling the Lombardi Trophy like a newborn baby ("You will be called stitch face") in the commercials for the game. It was odd that ABC wasted valuable ad time to run commercials promoting a game already in progress. Were they afraid viewers might tune out or possibly get distracted by the barrage of advertising and forget there was a game being played?

Speaking of commercials (and who doesn't talk about the Super Bowl ads), Fed Ex failed the truth in advertising test (or they're promoting Intelligent Design) by showing cavemen alongside dinosaurs. Beer ads teach us that commercials don't have to be realistic, now Fed Ex demonstrates that they don't have to be historically accurate, either. Que sera.

I am 40 sheets to the wind, but I distinctly remember a piece in the Onion about a razor with 5 blades, and now it's come to fruition.*

*Link added on 2/6 thanks to this piece in Slate Magazine.


Super Bowl 40?

Game on.
Which will become stale first, the game or the 40?